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To Quote Sally Field: “You Like Me!”

Very proud to appear on this list – twice! – of the most popular pieces by contributors on Fandor in 2011. Editor Kevin Lee’s words on my pieces are also very nice to hear. Editor and writer often have a … Continue reading

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Picture This: Bogdanovich and Team Take A Look Back

Over at Fandor, I review Picture This, George Hickenlooper’s documentary about the making of Texasville (sequel to The Last Picture Show). Film buffs, you won’t want to miss this one.

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Thoughts on the Iranian Film Blogathon

Although I did my own little post-mortem here, Kevin Lee, the editor of Fandor, was kind enough to suggest that I share some more of my thoughts about the week of the Iranian Film Blogathon, and my own experience running … Continue reading

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As a Teacher, I’m a Pushover: My Report Card for the Best Actress Nominees

A small break in the Iranian Film Blogathon proceedings (thank you all for your participation and support! We still have the rest of the week left – so looking forward to it): I said to Kevin Lee, the editor of … Continue reading

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Melissa Leo on The Hit List

Not the Shit List (thanks, Craig), the HIT list. As in IMDb’s coveted main page “Hit List” list at the bottom of the page. They’re currently linking to my Fandor essay on Melissa Leo. I’m so pleased. The last time … Continue reading

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Career Character: In Praise of Melissa Leo

In light of her recent Oscar nomination for The Fighter (although that shouldn’t be the only reason, and it isn’t) I look at the long slow steady trajectory of Melissa Leo’s career at Fandor.

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Julie Harris as Emily Dickinson, The Belle of Amherst

“I am growing very handsome indeed!” — Emily Dickinson, age 14 Today is her 180th birthday. In my newest review on Fandor, I take a look at the PBS televised performance of Julie Harris’ highwater-mark performance as Emily Dickinson in … Continue reading

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Watch on Fandor!

Fandor is a new site with a growing library of films on demand. These are great choices, too: independent, international, classic films, documentaries and shorts, hard-to-find films, it’s a really exciting catalog. Sign up and you have access to this … Continue reading

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Jeremy Renner: The Sociopath/The Hero

My new piece on Jeremy Renner just went up at Fandor. Go check it out! An actor with a big range, although it may not be apparent yet in the roles he’s getting. He can go antisocial, he can go … Continue reading

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The Original “It Girl”: Clara Bow in It (1927)

In 1927, novelist and author of erotica, Elinor Glyn, popularized the term “It”, “it” being sex appeal, sexuality. Because Glyn was so respectable (she looks like a society matron, with braids coiled around her head, and long flowing gowns) her … Continue reading

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