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R.I.P. Ray Liotta

First off, I need to point you to my friend Glenn Kenny’s New York Times piece on Ray Liotta in his definitive role, playing gangster Henry Hill in Goodfellas. To quote another pal, Stephen Silver, Glenn literally “wrote the book” … Continue reading

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“What’s Your Father Got To Do With All Of This?”

Ray: I have just created something totally illogical. Annie: That’s what I like about it. Here is the cliche: There is a man, who is the star of the film. The man has an idea. Or maybe the man is … Continue reading

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Field of Dreams: The Title

Phil Alden Robinson (director of Field of Dreams) adapted WP Kinsella’s wonderful book Shoeless Joe for the screen, ruthlessly chopping it up, streamlining the many stories into one: Ray’s journey to reconcile with his father. Throughout the entire time of … Continue reading

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W.P. Kinsella In the Cornfield

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Watching Field of Dreams with Cashel

At the sight of Shoeless Joe in the field at night, Cashel cuddled up to Bren, whispering, “This is like a horror movie!” I think Cash’s favorite part was James Earl Jones chasing Kevin Costner out of his apartment saying, … Continue reading

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MoMA and Baseball!

What a fabulous series!! To coincide with opening day and all that … the start of baseball season. I love people who think UP film festivals like this one. I love some of the observations: Comedy, like baseball, is a … Continue reading

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Movie Classics: A Look Into the Future

Here are the movies that I think will be considered “classics” 50 years from now. This is not based on my own wish-list – because if it were up to me, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind would be on … Continue reading

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Moments in Field of Dreams

Moments I treasure. — When James Earl Jones first sees the field with the ballgame going on. He just stares. He states, “Un … believable.” Shoeless Joe walks over: “Hey, Ray!!” He shakes hands with Ray. But watch James Earl … Continue reading

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