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For Liberties: Interview with Sean Abley, co-editor of Queer Horror: A Film Guide

For the next essay in my “Movies Before Breakfast” column at Liberties magazine, I interviewed Sean Abley about his upcoming book Queer Horror: A Film Guide (a book which he co-edited). 8 writers are on the marquee, all of whom … Continue reading

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Time Machine podcast with special guest

I saw this podcast linked to on Facebook mainly because a couple of people I know have been “guests” on it. Including him. The premise of the podcast is the two hosts discuss a real-world event – the Dust Bowl, … Continue reading

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Kwik Stop (2001) finally streaming

If you’ve hung around here a while (as in, the last 15, 20 years) then you will know about Kwik Stop and my friend Michael Gilio. Michael and I go way back, and our brief romance somehow miraculously morphed into … Continue reading

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“There won’t be another Bette Davis. There can’t be.” Mitchell and I discuss Bette Davis

From the audio files: Mitchell and I discuss one of our favorite topics: acting, and how the “old” style of acting – let’s call it before what’s loosely known as the Method- is not only under-appreciated in certain circles (most … Continue reading

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In Memory of Roger Ebert: His Review of Kwik Stop (2001)

Roger Ebert died 11 years ago today. One of the early series the Rogerebert.com writers participated in was something called “My Favorite Roger.” Each writer wrote an essay discussing their favorite review written by Roger. I chose his review of … Continue reading

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#tbt Doc Abbott’s

Mitchell Sandi Me As always, there must be a backstory. There was an old rickety amusement park in our state – similar to Adventureland, if you know the movie – where you took your life into your hands on the … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Story #2: The Spitball Valentine

In the 6th grade, I was passionately in love with a boy named Andrew Wright. My love for him had begun to blossom tentatively in the fifth grade, but the sensation that exploded in sixth grade was real love, no … Continue reading

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“The notion of ‘building a career’ had never been heard or dreamed of when I was young.” — Vanessa Redgrave

My friend Dan Callahan wrote the first major biography of Vanessa Redgrave, and he is voluminous on the topic: her career, her gift as an actress. Dan is one of the best writers today on the art of acting (and … Continue reading

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#tbt the weekend we became friends for real

A million years ago, my friend Rebecca got married out on Block Island. It was a beautiful autumn weekend. I car-pooled up from New York with my friend Felicia, and two other people, John and Allison. We were the New … Continue reading

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#tbt Summer

Hot sunny Chicago summer. Barbecue in the tiny backyard of my friends David and Maria’s apartment. My friend Ted and I – color coordinated, we did not plan it – together: it was shortly before he moved back to New … Continue reading

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