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The American (2010); Dir. Anton Corbijn

Despite the poster which seems to promise an action-packed summer thriller of the international-spy-assassin variety, The American is very quiet. Silence echoes through the film. It reverberates. The American is interested in how things operate: how people operate, how deals … Continue reading

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Reasons I Love Three Kings (1999)

(These are all reasons that other people seemed to hate it): — The filmmaking itself is obnoxious and in your face. I loved its kinetic energy. I loved its bombast. I loved the sheer obnoxiousness of it (closeup inside someone’s … Continue reading

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Up in the Air: “George Clooney Saved my Novel”

I loved this piece by Walter Kirn, author of the novel Up in the Air, and his journey with that book. Fascinating. Yet another example of how you just never know what will happen in life, you have no idea … Continue reading

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Weekend snapshots

— I washed my walls. They are a lovely pale yellow color and I was horrified at how black my damn Melaleuca cloth was when I was done. City air. Filthy. Invisible and filthy. Horrors. I cleaned like a whirling … Continue reading

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Movie Fanatics, Read On

I managed to finish the newest quiz from The Professor. Fun!! 1) Does film best tell the truth (Godard) or tell lies (De Palma) at 24 frames per second? (Thanks, Peet) In my opinion, in terms of human BEHAVIOR – … Continue reading

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Golden Globes Notes

— The beginning song is so dumb that I am embarrassed for everyone involved. “I hope the cast of Lost can find their seats inside …” Stupid. — Eric Bana is smokin’ hot. — Queen Latifah – you’re kind of … Continue reading

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“I’m concerned that in the United States we are not embracing what we normally do, which is to have a debate on the subject.” — George Clooney Are we both living in the same United States? That is all we … Continue reading

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