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Today in history: November 7, 1917

Yesterday’s post was a bit prescient, considering that today is the anniversary of one of the most seismic events of the 20th century: The Russian Revolution (or, at least, that first successful power-grab.) Look at that rogue’s gallery. I love … Continue reading

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“A birdcage I planned to hang … I’ll get to that someday …”

Fantastic long article about Christine Ebersole and Grey Gardens in The New York Times Sunday Magazine. This part made me cry. “My father started out as a riveter, but he had the soul of an artist,” she said. “He worshiped … Continue reading

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Grey Gardens: Little Edie Come To Life

An in-depth review by Brooke Allen. You know, I had the same response: Grey Gardens originally struck me as a thoroughly grotesque idea for a new musical, almost as low on the taste level as the ill-fated attempt, a few … Continue reading

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Stoppard’s “Coast of Utopia”

I’m going to have to go see this. You know, there are some things that just have to be done. A 9-hour play about Russia spanning an entire century written by Tom Stoppard? Seriously, in my world, in MY crowd, … Continue reading

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Little Edie

There was a moment last night during Edie’s last number (she’s singing it in that picture) “Another Winter in a Summer Town” when I felt this intense burning in my chest and heart – it was hot, like hot lava … Continue reading

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Grey Gardens on Broadway

I’m going to see Grey Gardens this Thursday. Everyone has heard about this musical, and its development, and also its off-Broadway run. The buzz has been undeniable. You could hear it from Rhode Island practically. There’s so much theatre that … Continue reading

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Grey Gardens on Broadway

I just booked my ticket for this. Nov. 9 is the night. It’s one of those theatrical EVENTS which … well, rarely happens anymore. Now the movie is a whole other story. Here is Ebert’s review of the movie. 4 … Continue reading

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