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January 2018 Viewing Diary

Supernatural, Season 7, episode 10 “Death’s Door” (2011; d. Robert Singer) What an extraordinary episode of television. It’s funny: I too block out what happened in that kitchen in Bobby’s childhood. I forget it almost every time. Those actors playing … Continue reading

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The Art of the Steal (2014); Written/Directed by Jonathan Sobol

Loved this movie. Guffawed with laughter watching it and am still laughing about some of the bits of schtick. And then there’s Kurt Russell, playing an Evel Kneivel-type character, complete with white jump suit. I mean, really? What more do … Continue reading

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The Letter (1940), The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)

The Letter Directed by William Wyler I can’t get over the two opening scenes. I watch the behavior, I watch every gesture, every gliding camera angle, the way all of the characters’ heads, including Davis’, are turned away from the … Continue reading

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20 Favorite Actors

Joining the fun that’s been going on, and to quote Nathaniel who started this whole thing: “In no particular order and extremely subject to change.” For example: where the hell is Robert Mitchum? And William H. Macy? And Sean Penn … Continue reading

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“Twin? …. Oh, twin?”

This one’s for Emily

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The Books: “A Lotus Grows In the Mud” (Goldie Hawn)

Daily Book Excerpt: Entertainment Biography/Memoir: A Lotus Grows in the Mud, by Goldie Hawn I have Annika to thank for making me pick up this lovely book. I want to give it to all my friends – mainly my women … Continue reading

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Herb Brooks and Kurt Russell: A Meeting Of the Minds

A still (below the fold) from the filmed interview of Kurt Russell and Herb Brooks, in preparation for the film Miracle – the story of the 1980 Olympic hockey team, which of course – as all my regulars (I sound … Continue reading

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In praise of Kurt Russell

Absolutely gorgeous post of acknowledgement of one of my favorite actors, Kurt Russell. Jeremiah really “gets it”, as far as I’m concerned. Kurt Russell is, indeed, “dependable” – a word that has positive connotations, but can often mean you are … Continue reading

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Poseidon Notes

These notes are completely stream-of-conscious – along the lines of what I did with the abysmal Day After Tomorrow which, whaddya know, also had Emmy Rossum in it. Not a good sign. As I wrote this thing I suddenly got … Continue reading

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Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks

“Eleven seconds, you got ten seconds, the countdown going on right now…Morrow up to Silk…five seconds left in the game! Do you believe in miracles? Yes!” – Al Michaels, ABC Sportscaster (Jack O’Callahan or “OC” attacking Mike Ramsey after the … Continue reading

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