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“I have a fan base that’s super, super loyal.” — Lance Kerwin

You can say that again. I’m still here. It’s his birthday today. I discovered him when I was 10, 11, and everyone in my very small weird generation knew who he was. He was a teen idol. Something about him … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Ralph Macchio, or: How one episode of Eight is Enough saved my life

Yesterday was Ralph Macchio’s birthday. I always knew Ralph Macchio was something special. I knew it before Karate Kid. I knew it from Eight is Enough. I clocked him as awesome from the beginning. I felt territorial. When everyone else … Continue reading

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Substack: R.I.P. Lance Kerwin

For my Substack, I wrote about Teen Idol Lance Kerwin, who just passed away at the age of 62. (It’s a free post, available to all. I do have some subscriber-only posts in the pipeline, but figured this one would … Continue reading

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Ron Moody Has Been On My Mind

I was talking with Joe about Oliver (of course), and we were laughing at how we’re partners-in-crime in this obsession. It’s so enjoyable to talk to another obsessive. And so, in line with that, Ron Moody has suddenly been on … Continue reading

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End of Summer Movie Quiz: My Answers

Dennis Cozzalio presents: Dr. Smith’s Lost in the Space at the End of Summer Movie Quiz. I live for his seasonal quizzes! I have answered (in my typical fashion) with images and Youtube clips rather than just words. It’s been … Continue reading

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Where I Come From: Music, TV, Movies

A collage of childhood. And then came …. … and everything changed. In my memory it changed overnight. No longer was I interested in bowl-cut Lance Kerwin, struggling against the school bully. No longer was I interested in the problems … Continue reading

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Collage Of Influence From Childhood

There are a couple missing – I just could not find adequate images for them – they are so obscure, and I need the images to make this complete. I’ll keep searching. Collage of Influence I literally have no words … Continue reading

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Who was your first prom date? I only had one prom date. Not for lack of trying. I asked the guy I was in love with to my junior prom and HE SAID NO. Horror. But I did end up … Continue reading

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Diary Friday

Oh boy. Roller skating. In high school. Going to the roller rink every Friday night. It was THE thing to do throughout high school. And the DRAMAS that occurred at the roller rink, the sense of FREEDOM (because – oh. … Continue reading

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The Healthiness of Celebrity Crushes

I am getting obsessed with Humphrey Bogart. The love is gone. The obsession blossoms. I can feel it growing. Like some beautiful poisonous plant, expanding exponentially. This is a very familiar sensation to me, as I have had INTENSE celebrity … Continue reading

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