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Take The Reason Prisoner

I am howling with laughter – to see something I wrote in the context of this post. Perfect! I can’t stop laughing!!! I’ve personally never seen it but I would be curious how the play was done in one reel … Continue reading

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A glimpse of Sarah Siddons …

… in a letter from Daniel Terry to Sir Walter Scott. Wow. Her Lady Macbeth is one of those “oh for a time machine” things I wish I could have seen!! (I love the story about her backstage preparation for … Continue reading

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1997/1998 Acting Notebook

A continuation from this. I’ve gotten a lot of emails and personal comments about these notebooks – people appreciating them, and feeling inspired by them. So here’s another notebook, picking up where that last one left off. It’s devastating too … Continue reading

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Molecular Badness

Someone asked a question about actors reading reviews in the post below this one. I said that in general I try not to read reviews – at least until the show has closed. It can only confuse the issue and … Continue reading

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The Half-hour Macbeth

I have unearthed a couple of photos which I am going to share (they unfurl below you in a couple of different posts.) They all are part of that experience which I now refer to as “the half-hour Macbeth”. I … Continue reading

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Sneaky Witches

I described in my original post about Macbeth how the 5 witches (yes. 5 witches. Not 3. 5.) became so obsessed with our makeup and hair (because the show was so bad) that we could not stop taking pictures of … Continue reading

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The rise and fall of Witch # 3

At the point in my life that I was doing Macbeth (see story here), I was also reading Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. So during tech rehearsals and stuff where the actors would have to wait around, you … Continue reading

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Half-hour Macbeth: Visual aids

In the original post about this production (and if you want a good laugh, I suggest you read it) I described my Witch costume in Macbeth as making me look like “the chair of a women’s studies department at a … Continue reading

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