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“It’s important not to indicate. People don’t try to show their feelings, they try to hide them.” — Robert De Niro

I haven’t written about the majority of his roles – not for lack of admiration (and in some cases, awestruck wonder) – but here is what I have written: I included his “you talkin’ to me” scene in my gigantic … Continue reading

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Trapped: La Cabina and After Hours

This lies outside the scope of my essay on After Hours, although I wondered if I could somehow include it. Not meant to be. When I interviewed Michael Koresky about his book Films of Endearment, during our conversation he mentioned … Continue reading

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Coach Beard and After Hours

I remember when this episode – “Beard After Hours” – aired and there was a lot of confusion about it. Some critics clocked the reference to After Hours (and well they should, especially if they’re paid the big bucks), but … Continue reading

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The phone dominates: Marnie and After Hours

Here’s the shot in Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie which I reference in my Criterion essay on Martin Scorsese’s After Hours. There’s also a moment where Paul (Griffin Dunne) is running down the street holding a crumpled note in his hand. Scorsese … Continue reading

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Martin Scorsese’s After Hours (released today on Criterion)

My booklet essay on After Hours, is up on Criterion’s site. Criterion’s release is now available for purchase.

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After Hours: available for pre-order today

Proper release date is July 11! Very excited to see it all put together (including my essay).

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Substack: Writing roundup

A freebie for all subscribers: Roundup of my writing over the last couple of months, plus some thoughts on Viva Las Vegas, After Hours, Ebertfest, my time in Chicago … everything I’ve been doing. Thanks for reading!

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It’s been a while. March and April were a whirlwind. February too. — I worked on this. It was a challenging one, and a little different for me. I loved the challenge. — Michael messaged me (you know. Michael. This … Continue reading

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Criterion July releases announced: After Hours

I can finally talk about what has been taking up all my time in February/March/start of April. I wrote the booklet essay for the VERY EXCITING Criterion release of Martin Scorsese’s existential-angst-comedy-parody After Hours, in a brand new 4k digital … Continue reading

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“I think my cinema is minimalist because so is my gaze: I’m very interested in people.” — Joanna Hogg

It’s the birthday of director Joanna Hogg, who hasn’t directed that many films (comparatively) and yet what she has done really matters, so much so that when there are gaps between films, people who always have her on their radar … Continue reading

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