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Substack: Writing roundup

A freebie for all subscribers: Roundup of my writing over the last couple of months, plus some thoughts on Viva Las Vegas, After Hours, Ebertfest, my time in Chicago … everything I’ve been doing. Thanks for reading!

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It’s been a while. March and April were a whirlwind. February too. — I worked on this. It was a challenging one, and a little different for me. I loved the challenge. — Michael messaged me (you know. Michael. This … Continue reading

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Criterion July releases announced: After Hours

I can finally talk about what has been taking up all my time in February/March/start of April. I wrote the booklet essay for the VERY EXCITING Criterion release of Martin Scorsese’s existential-angst-comedy-parody After Hours, in a brand new 4k digital … Continue reading

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“I think my cinema is minimalist because so is my gaze: I’m very interested in people.” — Joanna Hogg

It’s the birthday of director Joanna Hogg, who hasn’t directed that many films (comparatively) and yet what she has done really matters, so much so that when there are gaps between films, people who always have her on their radar … Continue reading

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“So when I’m given a massive amount of improvisation and it’s difficult to cut, I love it, because it’s like a puzzle you have to put together.” — Thelma Schoonmaker

It’s the birthday of Thelma Schoonmaker, the legendary editor-partner to Martin Scorsese. In 2015, I had the great honor to interview her about the restoration of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s Tales of Hoffmann, which she supervised. She was so … Continue reading

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“There’s nothing you can tell me about guilt.” — Martin Scorsese

It’s his birthday today. It will be a huge loss when this man goes. He holds up the torch for continuity of cinema history, and his breadth and depth of knowledge – which he is so eager to share – … Continue reading

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Happy 20th birthday (WTF) to The Sheila Variations

That pic of me – taken by Michael – graced the top of my original blog, when I set it up 20 years ago today. I never should have put my picture up – it led to a lot of … Continue reading

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“It’s important not to indicate. People don’t try to show their feelings, they try to hide them.” — Robert De Niro

I haven’t written about the majority of his roles – not for lack of admiration (and in some cases, awestruck wonder) – but here is what I have written: I included his “you talkin’ to me” scene in my gigantic … Continue reading

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“So give me a stage where this bull here can rage”: Two essays on Raging Bull

Yesterday was the release-day of Criterion’s 4K edition of Raging Bull, for which I contributed a video-essay. There are two essays included in the booklet (also online), and I just read them both and must share them: First: Raging Bull: … Continue reading

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Criterion’s Raging Bull: available now!

Raging Bull has entered the Criterion Collection and is available for purchase, at Criterion or elsewhere, Amazon, Barnes & Noble whatever. (Also, by the way, David Lean’s Summertime also entered the collection, simultaneously, with an essay by my friend Stephanie … Continue reading

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