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Today, the Sheila Variations is old enough to drink.

The above pic of me – taken by Michael – graced the top of my original blog, when I set it up 21 years ago today. I never should have put my picture up – it led to a lot … Continue reading

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Memphis Madness

I had a big crackup in 2012 – which everyone who knows me already knows, and which was completely obvious from the increasingly crazy things I was posting here. (I left them up because it is an accurate record of … Continue reading

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October 2021 Viewing Diary

I really didn’t watch all that much, numerically, during October, for various reasons. 1. I was on the move. I think I spent, all told, about 7 days at home over the course of the month. Including one unexpected stay … Continue reading

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Indie Memphis 2021 Winners

This past week the winners of the 2021 Indie Memphis Film Festival were announced. Yoshi James, Annie Berman, and I made up the jury for the Hometowners category (films produced in Memphis). We deliberated via Zoom on Monday. We had … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day: Memphis morning

I’ve taken a lot of pictures in Memphis. This is one of my favorites. If I’m remembering correctly, this was during an hours-long morning walk through the city in early 2013. I had to have walked 6 or 7 miles, … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day: Where it all began

The Overton Park shell in Memphis is where Elvis first stepped before a large live audience, on July 30, 1954. Earlier that month, he cut his first real track, “That’s All Right”, which made major waves in Memphis. He stepped … Continue reading

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April 2021 Viewing Diary

Jewel Robbery (1932; d. William Dieterle) This glittering pre-Code, starring William Powell as a jewel thief, and Kay Francis as a married woman in love with her jewels, is such a subversive delight. Powell is devastatingly charming and Francis is … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Laura Jean Hocking, recipient of the Indie Memphis Women’s Short Film Grant

I was honored to be on the jury – alongside the talented Diana Peralta and Molly Veh – to select the recipient of Indie Memphis’ Women’s Short Film Grant. The criteria for this grant was pretty strict: You had to … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day: Bates Motel

In Memphis. I am drawn to this building. I have visited it every time I go. Look at the front steps, overrun with creeping vines. And the lit-up neon sign. Mixed messages and I am totally here for it.

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Photo of the Day: To the Jungle Room

View from the little downstairs hallway in Graceland, to the stairway leading up to the famed Jungle Room. Green shag carpet on the walls and ceiling. Because that’s how Elvis rolled.

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