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Beaker Rocking Out

I can’t stand it it makes me so happy. I love how, even BEFORE things start to go south, Beaker looks terrified. It’s like he knows, somewhere deep down, that this cannot end well.

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Patti Labelle Singing Her ABCs


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At long last: The Professor’s New Movie Quiz

I have been waiting patiently for the seasonal movie quiz from Dennis’ stellar site – and at long last – it has arrived!! I put my answers in the comments section on Dennis’ site – and seriously, reading thru everyone’s … Continue reading

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The Best Muppets – part 2

FINALLY! Worth the wait. Again, the commentary is brilliant – made me cry with laughter and also made me cry some of those other tears. Some snippets I love: This pair of stalwart scientists serves as a wonderful example of … Continue reading

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Muppet Faves

Progressive Boink (one of my all-time favorite sites) has started a list of Favorite Muppets. 50 Favorites. Do yourself a favor and read the commentary – don’t just scan for pictures, you’ll miss out. 50 Greatest Muppets – Part 1. … Continue reading

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Fershur, really ….

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Sam the Eagle

Look at the expression in his eyes!!! And his tufts of hair on the sides of his head! But mainly the flat humorless eyes. Hey look what I found: Sam morphs through the years.

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O’Malley Commentary Accompanying Our Group Viewing Of ….

Follow That Bird: It was me, Bren, Melody, Siobhan, Jean, and Cash: — “Ohhhh! There’s Barkley!” (in a fond tone of: “There’s my old friend!”) — “How does Grover fly?” “Why is he a superhero?” “Is he a real superhero?” … Continue reading

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Oh. My. God.

This is absolutely hysterical. Not quite accurate – but I can’t help it – I took the quiz and this was the result: You Are Animal A complete lunatic, you’re operating on 100% animal instincts. You thrive on uncontrolled energy, … Continue reading

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Letter to Cookie Monster

Dear Cookie Monster: So. Yes. Everyone is talking about this. I first heard the news and I thought: Uhm … NO. Cookie would have nothing to do with this. He would stand for that photo shoot in the article, and … Continue reading

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