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John and Gena

In 1992, Gena Rowlands gave an interview to Gary Indiana for Interview magazine. It was a generous interview, with a gorgeous spread of photographs, many of them taken by the legendary Sam Shaw (who took so many famous photos of … Continue reading

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Gena Rowlands in Opening Night

“So please. Tell me. Tell me what this play doesn’t express.” “Hope.” I had a great time talking with Peter Labuza for his Cinephiliacs podcast, and the final 25 minutes we spend talking about Cassavetes’ Opening Night. You can download … Continue reading

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Peter Labuza Interviews Me for The Cinephiliacs Podcast: We Discuss John Cassavetes’ Opening Night

I had a great time talking with Peter Labuza for his wonderful Cinephiliacs podcast. You can download the episode here. We get into it! We talk about actors, movies, movie stars, John Wayne, Elvis, Judy Garland, gesture – and then … Continue reading

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“I’m in trouble, y’see?”

Gena Rowlands, in “Opening Night” That movie is “my heart”. Conversation at a party with five wonderful gentlemen.

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Opening Night: It’s All In the Eyes

This post is for my friend Shelagh Carter.

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An Ark

Here is Jason’s post on the same event. We have coordinated the launching of our respective posts, realizing that we both wanted to write about the same thing (and they would have gone up early this morning if Blogger hadn’t … Continue reading

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The Theme is Cassavetes

John Cassavetes has been everywhere the last week (not to mention on my wall, but then that’s always been true). Alex and I watched Opening Night while she was here (she had never seen it). She said to me, “You … Continue reading

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Scary Moments: A List

25 scariest moments in non-horror movies. A compiled list by a bunch of different writers. Some really interesting and startling entries. The infamous eye-slice from Un Chien Andalou, that I can’t even think about without shivering. Alison Willmore writes: Classics … Continue reading

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Great Mad Women in Cinema

Some of these women probably would not qualify for a diagnosis from the psychiatric profession. And perhaps their madness is actually a heightened level of sanity, as is often the case. Nevertheless, they are mad. Wonderfully mad.

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Movie Fanatics, Read On

I managed to finish the newest quiz from The Professor. Fun!! 1) Does film best tell the truth (Godard) or tell lies (De Palma) at 24 frames per second? (Thanks, Peet) In my opinion, in terms of human BEHAVIOR – … Continue reading

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