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“Almost eighty years after the picture was made, that grapefruit half smashing into Mae Clarke’s face still makes most of us wince.”

A great post by The Siren about Mae Clarke and that grapefruit scene in The Public Enemy. The still you always see of Cagney smushing the grapefruit into Clarke’s face – the one that is usually used to represent the … Continue reading

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James Cagney Appreciation Day

From Who the Hell’s in It: Conversations with Hollywood’s Legendary Actors: One critic wrote of White Heat that only a hard-boiled director like Raoul Walsh could get away with having Cagney — during a terrible migraine attack — sit on … Continue reading

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“I ain’t so tough”

So said by legendary tough-guy James Cagney as Tom Powers in The Public Enemy. Lileks has a post up right now with a ton of great stills from The Public Enemy (including the improvised grapefruit-in-face scene) and here’s some of … Continue reading

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