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“Certainly there have been better actors than me who have had no careers. Why? I don’t know.” — Richard Gere

For Richard Gere’s birthday, here’s an old piece I wrote, one I’m pretty proud of, and one that is practically a rough draft of another more recent piece, one years in the making: Mirror, Mirror: When Movie Characters Look Back … Continue reading

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April 2019 Viewing Diary

I have had an extremely challenging month. Things got slightly spooky. This looks INSANE when written out like this. And believe it or not, I was super busy this month. I wrote like 5 gigantic pieces, and somehow managed to … Continue reading

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December 2017 Viewing Diary

Supernatural, Season 11 (2015-16) What an incredible season, right up until the moment …. it was not an incredible season. I hadn’t re-watched in its entirety since it aired, although I cherry-picked favorite episodes to re-watch (of which there are … Continue reading

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The Narcissist At Home: Julian In American Gigolo

Who are we when we are alone and we feel totally private? Private moments are difficult to capture on film. You know it when you see it. Perhaps the most classic example is Robert DeNiro as Travis Bickle, talking to … Continue reading

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Days of Heaven (1978); Dir. Terrence Malick

Terrence Malick’s Days of Heaven is grandiose, leisurely, even melodramatic, in giving us the pictures of the vistas we see of the Texas panhandle. Every corner of the giant screen is packed with beauty, arresting images, startling closeups of dew … Continue reading

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Movie Poster: An Officer and a Gentleman

I like this poster for its old-fashioned feel (reminiscent of the sweeping romances of the 1940s), and the fact that it’s a drawing – not photos. Gives a strange story-book feel to it, rather epic, which I think is appropriate. … Continue reading

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Reading and Watching

— finished Bleak House yesterday morning. My God! What a book! — started and finished The Road yesterday. Could not put it down. What a horrifying story. Scary, too: there were 2 moments in particular when I literally gasped out … Continue reading

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Richard Gere: “his silky walk and fluid gestures”

In this review of The Bee Season (which sounds very interesting)Manohla Dargis has this pointed bit of analysis of Richard Gere’s acting: The casting of Mr. Gere proves a challenge the filmmakers never surmount – not only because of his … Continue reading

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