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Kwik Stop on iTunes; (Michael Gilio: Director, Writer, Actor)

Kwik Stop, written and directed by (as well as starring) Michael Gilio is now available for renting (or purchase) on iTunes. I meant to write a thing about this when it happened in December, but that was when everything started … Continue reading

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Under-Rated Movies: #15 Kwik Stop (2001) Dir. Michael Gilio

You probably haven’t seen this film because even though it got some pretty high-end awards and nominations (Michael Gilio, the director, won Best Director at the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, and the whole film was nominated as … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert to Werner Herzog

This made me cry.

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More on Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock:

to go along with this post. Or should I say epic?? Roger Ebert says in his review for While You Were Sleeping (a movie he really enjoyed in spite of himself): There aren’t many movie actors we simply like. Marilyn … Continue reading

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R.I.P., Richard Pryor

A wonderful and observant obituary by Roger Ebert. A lot of great stuff in there – but I loved the part about the blackface scene in Silver Streak – which honestly? It’s rare that a movie brings THAT kind of … Continue reading

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The Weather Man: Marketed Wrong

I’ve always liked Nicholas Cage even when I’m not wacky about his performance. Why? Because he takes risks. (The first time I ever saw him was in the beautiful Valley Girl. I still remember thinking: “Holy crap … who is … Continue reading

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Great Minds Think Alike

The first sentence of Roger Ebert’s review for The Ring 2 is: I am not sure I entirely understand the deer.

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Re-Watching Saturday Night Fever

I grew up in the 70s. I was a child, granted, not going out to disco clubs, but in grade school we all knew the disco steps, we did the pointy finger maneuver, I think there are even pictures of … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert Revisits Groundhog Day

One of my favorite things that Ebert does as a reviewer is: he goes back and reviews films years after their release. He re-assesses them, and re-assesses his own original review. Really interesting. (He doesn’t do it with bad movies. … Continue reading

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Why Roger Ebert Is So Great

Because of reviews like this one. I would never have thought to go see a documentary about surfers called “Riding Giants” – never. Not that I’m not interested, mind you. I’m pretty much interested in everything. But you gotta make … Continue reading

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