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20 Favorite Actors

Joining the fun that’s been going on, and to quote Nathaniel who started this whole thing: “In no particular order and extremely subject to change.” For example: where the hell is Robert Mitchum? And William H. Macy? And Sean Penn … Continue reading

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Thoughts on The Insider

There’s a look to The Insider that I love. It’s all deep greens and blues and blacks with no bright colors whatsoever in the palette. No yellows or oranges or fiery reds. But blacks with blues bleeding into it, white … Continue reading

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The Insider: Golf Has Never Seemed So Ominous

A spectacular sequence.

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There Is No Such Thing As “Too Far”

Someone just got to my site by typing into Google: “taking a celebrity crush too far.” I beg your pardon? I have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about at ALL.

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“Put us in that fog, Tom.”

One of my favorite moments in Master and Commander is 2 seconds long. And it involves James D’Arcy who gives one of my favorite performances in the film, as 1st Lieutenant Tom Pullings. For those not familiar with my work: … Continue reading

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Close-up: Bud White in “LA Confidential”

[This is my entry in The House Next Door’s Close-Up Blog-a-Thon. It’s one of my favorite closeups. Some closeups illuminate the emotions of a scene. Some closeups make sure we are on one character’s side over another. Some closeups are … Continue reading

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Professor Irwin Corey’s Latest Movie Quiz!

Presenting: his FOREMOSTLY AUTHORITATIVE SPRING BREAK MOVIE QUIZ . I eagerly await these quizzes – they’re always so terrific (and occasionally hard, too!) (Go check out Dennis’ site to see the answers from his commenters – a smart group of … Continue reading

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It’s a cliche that those who make it look easy don’t get the props they deserve – at the time when it matters. Cary Grant is a perfect example. He breezed through Philadelphia Story, shining his OWN LIGHT onto his … Continue reading

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Bud White in Close-Up

Russell Crowe has become such an enormous star in such a relatively short amount of time that it’s hard to remember what an impact he made – with his performance of Bud White in LA Confidential. This was not just … Continue reading

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A History Of Celebrity Crushes

Sheila-style. I’ve had intense celebrity crushes all my life. It’s fun, it’s an escape. Other women read romance novels. I throw myself into sweeping crushes with movie stars. I’m vaguely embarrassed by this tendency. But I do it anyway. Off … Continue reading

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