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R.I.P. Sidney Lumet. No Hyperbole Here.

In my years of writing publicly, I have learned to not fear hyperbole. “Hyperbole” is often used as a criticism by those who are embarrassed by deep feeling, or those who think “obsessions” are somewhat childish. I know when I’m … Continue reading

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Quotes on acting 10: Sidney Lumet on Ingrid Bergman

“In Murder on the Orient Express, I wanted Ingrid Bergman to play the Russian Princess Dragomiroff. She wanted to play the retarded Swedish maid. I wanted Ingrid Bergman. I let her play the maid. She won an Academy Award. I … Continue reading

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Quotes on acting 6: Sidney Lumet

“[During the rehearsal period] I’m finding out things about the actors. What stimulates them, what triggers their emotions? What annoys them? How’s their concentration? Do they have a technique? What method of acting do they use? The ‘Method’ made famous … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Verdict: “Maybe, maybe…”

Marvelous appreciation of one small moment in The Verdict by Stephen Metcalf. But the scene I kept coming back to sets up the whole film. It’s hardly noticeable. Newman is intent on bedding a fellow barfly played by Charlotte Rampling. … Continue reading

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End of Summer Movie Quiz: My Answers

Dennis Cozzalio presents: Dr. Smith’s Lost in the Space at the End of Summer Movie Quiz. I live for his seasonal quizzes! I have answered (in my typical fashion) with images and Youtube clips rather than just words. It’s been … Continue reading

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“I was a director for hire. I needed the job.”

Joe Valdez has another movie review up – and this time it’s about one of my favorites: Robert Altman’s The Player. I did not know that Sidney Lumet was originally attached as a director, and that Robert Altman did the … Continue reading

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The Pawnbroker: Rod Steiger’s Closeup

Evocative frightening stills from a TERRIFIC movie. Wrenching. Makes me remember Rod Steiger’s closeup at the end of the film and think I should have written about that for Matt’s Close-up Blog-a-Thon. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll immediately know … Continue reading

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At long last: The Professor’s New Movie Quiz

I have been waiting patiently for the seasonal movie quiz from Dennis’ stellar site – and at long last – it has arrived!! I put my answers in the comments section on Dennis’ site – and seriously, reading thru everyone’s … Continue reading

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Dean Stockwell Listening, Part 2

The wrenching last 2 scenes of Long Day’s Journey – between Jamie and Edmund … and then the scene that ends the play, involving the whole tragic family. It’s his face as he takes it all in. And this is … Continue reading

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Dean Stockwell Listening

I’ve always been a fan of Dean Stockwell. Think the first time I really encountered him was in Married to the Mob (I mean, besides when I was a kid, and I saw all those movies – Secret Garden, Kim, … Continue reading

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