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Glowing Poisonous Milk: Two Scenes

Suspicious-acting and potentially-evil husband carries a potentially-poisoned glass of milk upstairs to his unsuspecting wife. Little light put in glass of milk to make it glow in eerie fashion. 1. Cary Grant in Suspicion, Alfred Hitchcock (1941) 2. Bruce Campbell … Continue reading

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That Glowing Glass Of Milk

Richard Schickel: What is significant about Suspicion is that, for the first time, one really feels the dangerousness of a charm as seductive as [Cary] Grant’s. It was perhaps hinted at in Sylvia Scarlett, but the world of that film … Continue reading

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The Books: “Cary Grant: A Biography” (Marc Eliot)

Daily Book Excerpt: Entertainment Biography/Memoir: Cary Grant: A Biography, by Marc Eliot First off, I love the cover design of this latest biography. It’s stark, simple, eye-catching … and Cary Grant was hugely tall so his posture here really stands … Continue reading

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Yet another photo of that “ordinary chap“. Yeah, you know. Totally ordinary. Uh huh. Reguluar dude. Hitchcock saw something different in him. Suspicion (that’s him with Joan Fontaine) was Hitchcock’s first attempt to tap into the darkness beneath the gleam. … Continue reading

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Hitchcock and Audience Expectations

Janet Leigh, on her role in Psycho: “I saw that she was really a shabby, mousy little woman. She wasn’t in any way glamorous or anything. So we chose clothes that she could have afforded. We didn’t have a dressmaker … Continue reading

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The Glass of Milk in Suspicion

Hitchcock put a small light in the glass of milk, so it glowed as Cary Grant ascended the stairs – drawing the attention of the audience – making us wonder: “What the hell is in that glass??” It’s very jarring … Continue reading

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From Screwball to Suspicion

The trend of screwball comedies pretty much came and went in a 5 or 6 year period, and Cary Grant was an enormous and influential part of the trend Once the trend waned – Grant was smart enough to recognize … Continue reading

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