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December 2015 Viewing Diary

Christmas, Again (2015; d. Charles Poekel) So good. I reviewed for Rogerebert.com. Back Street (1932; John M. Stahl) Back Street is the story of a woman who allows herself to be a “back street” woman: a long-time mistress to a … Continue reading

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The Books: Spielberg, Truffaut & Me: An Actor’s Diary, by Bob Balaban

Next book on the Hollywood shelf: Spielberg, Truffaut & Me: An Actor’s Diary, by Bob Balaban This slim volume by actor Bob Balaban about his experience filming Close Encounters of the Third Kind (in which he spent most of his … Continue reading

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Francois Truffaut on Sgt. J.J. Sefton in Stalag 17

This is, perhaps, the best analysis of that character, played by William Holden, that I have ever read. Sefton is intelligent; that’s why he acts as he does. For the first time in films the philosophy of the solitary man … Continue reading

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Francois Truffaut on Michel Simon:

Watching Michel Simon, moviegoers have always felt that they were not just watching an actor play a role, but watching the actor himself. His best roles were double roles: Boudu [in Boudu sauvé des eaux] is both a vagrant and … Continue reading

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Professor Irwin Corey’s Latest Movie Quiz!

Presenting: his FOREMOSTLY AUTHORITATIVE SPRING BREAK MOVIE QUIZ . I eagerly await these quizzes – they’re always so terrific (and occasionally hard, too!) (Go check out Dennis’ site to see the answers from his commenters – a smart group of … Continue reading

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Close Encounters Up Close

Last night I read, in one sitting, Spielberg, Truffaut & Me: An Actor’s Diary – by Bob Balaban. Balaban, of course, was in Close Encounters – which was one of the largest films he had ever been in – they … Continue reading

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Close Encounters Story: Those Five Notes

At the Spielberg seminar, we spent (of course) quite a bit of time on Close Encounters. Spielberg told the story of the meteor shower (in Part 1), and also said that it had always been his dream, or fantasy, or … Continue reading

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