September 11, 2003

Never Again

Jane Galt


The Case for Anger

Baldilocks has a message for the terrorists

Two Years Ago

Pride. Pride filling my chest.

Bill Whittle: "Keep your chins up."

Cold Fury, indeed. Mike talks about how he was in a bar, the night of September 11, as many of us probably were. "The place was crowded wall-to-wall with people, and the room was abuzz with this strange nervous energy, this yakking frenzy of people who felt the same way I did: horrified, shocked, angry, and filled with a deeper empathy than one might think possible for the suffering and the lost and the walking wounded six hundred miles to the north." His piece brought tears to my eyes.

That Day

Editorial Roundup from Curveball

Dean, I have one thing to say to you, in response to your message today: Me too. Me too.

"There will be no peace"

Isn't a Pundit calls it "the day nothing changed": "Maybe, in the soul-searching of the aftermath, we could locate the founding principle of our nation, understand it in common, and rise as one to its defense. Hoo, boy."

Jeff Jarvis is at the WTC. "It's the children's voices that make this so much harder." My friend Beth just sent me an Instant Message, watching the memorial on television, telling me just the same thing.

Remember, on One Hand Clapping

Unbelievable compilation of stuff over at Winds of Change

Lileks' essay from last year. Lileks. I love that man.

David at OxBlog: "I am almost wish that nothing would be built at the World Trade Center site, that it would remain a construction site forever. I don't want a memorial. I don't want anyone to walk on that ground again. I just want there to be a quiet place in downtown. A reminder that this city I love could have its heart ripped out of chest but still march onwards, stronger than ever before. "

Patio Pundit . "We're at war, right? Sometimes I think that only the enemy realizes it."

Victor Davis Hanson: The Great Divide

Rossi: "All is quiet. All is still."

Misha "Black Tuesday"

Vodka Pundit "Two Years Later"

More links - which I posted elsewhere, but I'm moving them here, so they will all be together

Jayne, the Barefoot Kitchen Witch has written an emotional post which has brought tears to my eyes.

Rachel Lucas. A national treasure.

Asparagirl. Mourn Not.

Val, at Babalu Blog, posts a poem by a 14 year old girl called From the 104th Floor.

Stephen Silver

A post from Jim

Broom of Anger posts from Belfast.

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Thanks, Sheila. We do our best. Every day. It's nice to be recognized by others who do the same.

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