July 08, 2003

View from Iran

Amazing post on View From Iran, a blog written by couple (one Iranian, one American), traveling through Iran at the moment. I found it via Jeff Jarvis (of course). There's a plethora of great stuff here, but the following quote gave me chills (I will post its entirety, it's worth it):

Democracy is a lot of work. As an American, I am constantly struck by the feeling that many of my cohorts have that the government should take care of them. I learned very young that some of the biggest whiners about American democracy don’t vote. If they do vote, they often ignore the primaries or local elections. This is my favorite line of crap about the presidential election: “We don’t have any choice. There are only 2 candidates and they are basically the same” What the fuck are they talking about? I remember a primary chock-filled with choices. Where were they when the small minority of us voters was choosing the two candidates that they don’t like? Likely they were too busy to notice the primaries. Democracy is a lot of work and a lot of compromise and it does not take care of you. You take care of it. If you don’t take care of it, somebody else will.

If you want government to take care of you, then come to Iran. This government will tell you how to dress (men and women), what religion to believe in, and what to think. (Not that Iranians are listening…) Government that cares for you turns you into a child.

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