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You Don’t Own Me

Lesley Gore, performing “You Don’t Own Me”, on the 1964 T.A.M.I. Show, directed by Steve Binder (who also would end up directing Elvis Presley’s phenomenal 1968 “comeback special”). There’s tons of commentary out there about what went down on the … Continue reading

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Elvis Presley’s 1st Ed Sullivan Appearance: September 9, 1956

58 years ago today, Elvis Presley made his first historic appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. A re-post. In September of 1956, Elvis Presley appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in the first of three appearances over the next couple … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Buddy Holly

Waylon Jennings, Buddy Holly, Grand Central Station, 1959 Buddy Holly on the Ed Sullivan Show, January 26, 1958 Buddy Holly on Arthur Murray Dance Party, December 29, 1957 Buddy Holly on the Ed Sullivan Show, December 1, 1957 Buddy Holly’s … Continue reading

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Late Summer Shuffle

That is an untouched photo from my day at the beach yesterday. Black sky out at sea, sunshine behind me. The effects were incredible. The water blazing green and silver. The water was warm. The waves were huge. I spent … Continue reading

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The Best Concert Movies Ever Made

… in honor of Woodstock, which recently had its 45th anniversary, Jason Bailey at Flavorwire has put together a list of the 45 Greatest Concert Movies Ever Made. I liked the brief paragraph describing Gimme Shelter: In another — and … Continue reading

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You Can Totally See Us In The Crowd.

from Eminem’s Facebook page, picture of his recent concert with Rihanna at MetLife Stadium … if you squint. If you squint really really hard. My sister Jean and I were sitting right above that little blurry line of red lights … Continue reading

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Eminem and Rihanna: The Monster Tour

Eminem is practically a recluse. He rarely does press. His latest album is a brilliant re-visiting of the territory he scorched in The Marshall Mathers LP, with new more adult and, in many ways, more pained examinations. There is also … Continue reading

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Elvis Marginalia

Elvis was a voracious reader. He wrote in the margins of all of his books, underlining sentences obsessively (sometimes every line on the page), writing notes to himself on the side. I had to be asked to step back from … Continue reading

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Saying Good-Bye to Elvis

Graceland at sunset, 2013, on Elvis’ birthday. Taken by yours truly. Where Were You When Elvis Died? by Lester Bangs The Village Voice, 29 August 1977 Where were you when Elvis died? What were you doing and what did it … Continue reading

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“Down there we got a plant that grows in the woods and the fields … eeeeverybody calls it Polk Salad.”

Elvis getting dirty with the swamp-funk anthem “Polk Salad Annie.” In other words: You hot-shot snobby folks from the two coasts wanna look down on us Southern boys? Well, I’ll give you Southern. I’ll give you Southern Gothic. I’ll give … Continue reading

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