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Happy Birthday Little Richard: Preacher. Showman. Maestro.

Little Richard. Live performance of “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On”, 1963. In the performance above, Little Richard moves from preacher to sexually-explosive showman to maestro, sometimes blending them all together, no difference between Personae. The performance is almost 6 minutes … Continue reading

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Do or Die

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Party Like an Oligarch: Good to Have You Back, Robbie

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My God, Look At This Line of DUDES

This clip has always made emotion well in my heart. I’ve watched it 100 times. And they’re just STANDING there. Presence like this is a lost art, practically. They are “just” (nothing “just” about it) standing there and communicating, openly, … Continue reading

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Giants At Play: Jerry Lee Lewis & Keith Richards “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”

It’s wonderful to see them together. The respect two giants in their field have for one another. And then … something happens. It changes. Something electric sparks. Maybe it’s when Jerry Lee commands, “Play it, Keith!” Something else is unleashed. … Continue reading

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Autumn Shuffle

“Jambalaya” – Hank Williams. Classic. That steel guitar wandering around in the background. My old friend Pat McCurdy used to play this song at his shows (I’m sure he still does). There was something so charming about being in a … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Wanda Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly

Here’s a post I wrote awhile back after seeing the great and legendary Wanda Jackson play a show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. She was 74 years old. She opened for Adele at the age of 73. LEGEND. The Queen of … Continue reading

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“Am I Too Loud For You?” Happy Birthday, Eminem

A re-post for Marshall Mathers’ birthday, which is today. So psyched I finally got to see him perform. WARNING: If, by some amazing circumstance, you have never heard “Kim” before, please know that it is completely unsafe for work, frankly … Continue reading

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“Don’t be fooled: Those saddle shoes have walked through some weird shit.” Kim Morgan on the music of Twin Peaks

Kim Morgan’s essay was included in a new book about music in the work of David Lynch, Beyond the Beyond: Music from the Films of David Lynch, and she’s reprinted it on her own site. Don’t miss it. Beyond the … Continue reading

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