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Autumn Shuffle

“Jambalaya” – Hank Williams. Classic. That steel guitar wandering around in the background. My old friend Pat McCurdy used to play this song at his shows (I’m sure he still does). There was something so charming about being in a … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Wanda Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly

Here’s a post I wrote awhile back after seeing the great and legendary Wanda Jackson play a show at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. She was 74 years old. She opened for Adele at the age of 73. LEGEND. The Queen of … Continue reading

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“Am I Too Loud For You?” Happy Birthday, Eminem

A re-post for Marshall Mathers’ birthday, which is today. So psyched I finally got to see him perform. WARNING: If, by some amazing circumstance, you have never heard “Kim” before, please know that it is completely unsafe for work, frankly … Continue reading

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“Don’t be fooled: Those saddle shoes have walked through some weird shit.” Kim Morgan on the music of Twin Peaks

Kim Morgan’s essay was included in a new book about music in the work of David Lynch, Beyond the Beyond: Music from the Films of David Lynch, and she’s reprinted it on her own site. Don’t miss it. Beyond the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Buddy Holly

Waylon Jennings, Buddy Holly, Grand Central Station, 1959 Buddy Holly on Arthur Murray Dance Party, December 29, 1957 Buddy Holly on the Ed Sullivan Show, December 1, 1957 Buddy Holly’s career was tragically short. Signed to Decca in 1956, he … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury

There is much greatness in many artists, much inspiration and even transcendence, but an original spirit is the rarest thing of all. Freddie Mercury was one. Nobody like him. Ever. Before or since. There is so much to comment on … Continue reading

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Attn: Jazz Buffs + People Who Saw Whiplash

I am no jazz buff. I liked Whiplash (with some serious reservations), but didn’t know enough to really judge the music being presented. It’s not like watching a movie about Alexander Hamilton or Stalin or Elvis, where I would be … Continue reading

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Telegram from Elvis and The Colonel, February 1964

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Every Week Is “Elvis Week” Around Here

He was “Touched.” Or, as Lester Bangs wrote: “The only credible explanation is that Elvis was from another planet.” One of a kind.

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“I knew there was something I was never gonna see again.” – Bill Murray on why he went to Elvis’ funeral

Bill Murray crashing Elvis’ funeral, August 16, 1977 There’s no video, but here’s the audio of Murray telling David Letterman the story:

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