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Happy Birthday, Tuesday Weld

From the great “Pretty Poison” (1968) with Anthony Perkins. And below you can see her as the creepily blank and heart-achingly gorgeous teenage majorette in the fantastic opening sequence of the film. See Pretty Poison if you have not. Don’t … Continue reading

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Love Me Tender, 1956: “And Introducing Elvis Presley”

This article was originally published in Bright Wall/Dark Room‘s issue devoted to Hollywood musicals. I prefer to celebrate Elvis’ life rather than mourn his death. So here’s an essay about Elvis’ much-anticipated film debut in “Love Me Tender” in 1956. … Continue reading

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Powerful Claws Threaten Us: Elvis Presley, 1968

One of my favorite Elvis performances. It’s one for the ages. Elvis Presley performing “Trying To Get To You” during the informal sit-down session section of his 1968 comeback special. There’s a rough raw-ness to these sessions that are not … Continue reading

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Keith Richards on Elvis Presley: “It Was Almost As If I’d Been Waiting For It To Happen.”

From Keith Richards’ wonderful Life: I think the first record I bought was Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally”. Fantastic record, even to this day. Good records just get better with age. But the one that really turned me on, like … Continue reading

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He Shook It Like a Chorus Girl

37 years ago today, Elvis Presley died. Every time he performed, his “soul was at stake.” And so we will always miss someone like that. As Dave Marsh wrote in his Elvis book: There is no explanation. And if one … Continue reading

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Saying Good-Bye to Elvis

Graceland at sunset, 2013, on Elvis’ birthday. Taken by yours truly. Where Were You When Elvis Died? by Lester Bangs The Village Voice, 29 August 1977 Where were you when Elvis died? What were you doing and what did it … Continue reading

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Elvis Presley, Still TCB After All These Years

This year would have been Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday. His death-day is coming up as well, and to commemorate there’s a brand new Elvis stamp. (If you’ve been around a while, you will remember the furor about the first Elvis … Continue reading

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The Mainstreaming of the Crazy: American Bandstand

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand premiered on this day in 1957. Rock ‘n’ roll had exploded into the mainstream the year before, with the stratospheric rise of Elvis Presley, culminating in three appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show in the fall … Continue reading

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Flavorwire List: Best Movie Characters of All Times

This project was super-fun: Flavorwire editor Jason Bailey reached out to me to participate in the Flavorwire Best Movie Characters List, as a kind of “retort” to a ridiculous recent list run by Empire. Other writers participated: Jason, the great … Continue reading

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Jerry Reed: “She Got the Goldmine. I Got the Shaft.”

I’m so glad Jerry Reed did so much television. There are so many clips out there. Not a lot of guitar-playing in this one, but his persona, his vibe, his clothes, his energy, his maleness, his peacock-ness with his maleness … Continue reading

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