Cat Lady

Cat Lady has only one defining feature: enormous pink glasses.

Cat Lady also got more and more volatile as the photo shoot went on. She sang. She talked to her cats. She yelled at people who were cruel to cats. She smouldered silently at the thought of abandoned kittens. She goes through the spectrum of emotions brought about from too much solitude and not enough human contact.

Here is Cat Lady in a relatively (and rarely) calm and forthright attitude.


Cat Lady is not always in control of how she comes off.


The thought of cruelty to animals makes Cat Lady go deep deep within herself. Into a fortress of rage.


Cat Lady quiets down her inner demons for a moment. Just a moment.


Singing to her brood of cats always makes Cat Lady happy.


Sometimes Cat Lady gets depressed. The blues come over her suddenly, with almost no warning.


It is useless to try to talk her out of these moods.


If you push her too hard to “cheer up”, she very well may lash out at you.


For the sake of all of her cats, she does, on occasion. try to “put on a happy face”. The cats are never fooled, however.


The black moods pass … leaving Cat Lady exhausted and quiet within.


Now she can sing to her cats again, with a free and open heart. A heart filled with … a thermal glow, apparently.


It is unknown how Andy Warhol came to know her. She lived in Tribeca when it was mainly an industrial area, so it is possible he saw her on the streets and became intrigued. But he captured her here, in one of her happy singing moods.


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21 Responses to Cat Lady

  1. mere says:

    omg i’m gonna pee my pants!

  2. red says:

    HAHAHAHA Member those glasses? bwahahahaha

  3. mere says:

    these are HILARIOUS! oh my god. and PLEADING WOMAN..i am so looking forward to seeing the rest.

  4. mere says:

    i just keep looking at them over and over and laughing more and more..

  5. mere says:

    i bet cat lady has a cleaver

  6. red says:

    You know she does! hahahahahaha

    I just posted another character down below! Wings of the Dove Lady. Who is basically defined by her hat.

  7. RTG says:


    So many impressions flying through my mind at this moment… one of which is: You have lovely teeth.

    The rest – the mental stuff – has to wait until I’m better in control of myself.

  8. mitch says:

    I’m laughing so hard my stomach hurts.

  9. tracey says:

    Fortress of rage! Hahahahahahahaha!

    I think I’m dead over here. It’s too much.

    The put on a happy face one is truly frightening.

  10. mere says:

    i can’t stop looking at Cat Lady

    the christmas should be celebrated ALL YEAR!

  11. red says:


    “I … miss … my …. PAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

  12. red says:

    //The put on a happy face one is truly frightening.//

    tracey – hahahahahahahaha She looks SO unhappy there, doesn’t she?

  13. miker says:

    I do believe I’m hopelessly smitten with catlady14…

  14. mere says:


  15. red says:

    Miker – don’t tell her that. She’d have a nervous breakdown.

  16. Brendan says:

    Sheila, remember that Tipping Point book by Malcolm Gladwell? And the concept of jumping the shark? You have now officially reached the Tipping Point AND jumped the shark (in a very good way) at the same time.

    Oh, readers of human history, a comic epiphany has occurred here. Read it and learn!

    Holy manoly. I’ve only seen Cat Lady and I’m already gonna have a heart attack.

  17. Josephine says:

    LOL this was unspeakably funny. I admire you so much for this, so much. HAHAH a heart filled with thermal glow. Fortress of rage. Ahhh good times. This is as cool as the candy Lord of the Rings scene.

  18. melissa says:

    I don’t laugh out loud while reading very often… but the thermal glow comment got me good! Love this!

  19. Peter Gatien incarnate …

    This is hilarious to me: Look who’s on the first page of Google image searches when you put in “Peter Gatien”. If you didn’t actually know me and you kept running into me on Google Image Searches where I was…

  20. ? ALICIA KEYS – Superwoman (Live) ?

    My 16 year old daughter asked me to listen to this song, and I loved it! I have four daughters and this is the attitude I think they should all have!!!

  21. Character development

    I’m not sure, but this is what I have so far. These are to be added to other characters I have created with Mac Photo Booth, one of the best toys ever for a bored narcissist like myself. Alexa: Peter…