Review: Strawberry Mansion (2022)

I really really loved this. Big fan of Kentucker Audley and Albert Birney’s films. I reviewed for Ebert.

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  1. mutecypher says:

    This movie made me so happy. I think the DIY non-hyperreal CGI look made it more involving in a “clap your hands if you want Tinkerbell to get well” way. I was gasping and telling Preble to get up and get out! It had a beautiful charm that made me think of the ETA Hoffmann story The Golden Pot with the enchanting emerald serpent/ daughter of a magician. Bella isn’t that, but Hoffmann’s story ends with a character asking the narrator “do you not at least have a lovely little farmstead as a poetic possession of your inner mind?” I loved Bella’s rhyme before letting Preble into her home. I also loved the masks, they were great: Wolf, Blue Demon, Mice. I see that there are podcasts with Audley and Birney talking about their inspirations, I’ll have to listen and learn!

    The movie also made me think of Brazil without the tedium and torture – bureaucrat meets inspiring woman. With the emphasis on the inspiration and the escape from tedium/algorithmic advertising. It didn’t have Terry Gilliam’s “those bastard” attitude.

    I have an odd book by Simon Schama called Landscape and Memory that has a chapter on The Green Man mythology. I feel a need to reread that after seeing the Grass Man.

    What a wonderfully evocative movie!

  2. mutecypher says:

    I imagine you follow him on social media, but in case you missed it, Kentucker just put an album up on Bandcamp. It has a sweet, skewed melancholy. Him, a guitar, and a four track. LoFi, like Springsteen and Nebraska.

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