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It’s so nice to see this “Classic Hollywood” archive page on the Criterion Channel with Elvis’ movies included. His movies aren’t usually discussed as part of “classic Hollywood” even though … they ARE part of “classic Hollywood”, or, at the very least, “old movies”, “classic movies”. As I’ve said, his movies exist in their own category, they exist in their own universe un-connected from anything else since they are centered on the Phenom of Elvis’ singular fame – BUT it makes me happy to see him there surrounded by those other great movies. He deserves to be there!

Here’s the piece I wrote for Criterion on Elvis’ movie career.

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  1. John Faro says:

    Great article! It’s refreshing to read an article on Elvis that digs into his persona, rather than an article that glances over his accomplishments.
    I had the great pleasure of meeting Elvis in July, 1975 at a gas station in Memphis. apparently, Elvis and his entourage stopped at Vicker’s gas station to fill up Elvis’ new car, a 1976 Eldorado. After getting gas, the car would not start, and I was in the right place at the right time. Elvis and I talked for about 35 minutes while his friends tried to get the car started (they were ultimately unsuccessful). Elvis was funny, witty and very humble about his success. We talked about music, cars, movies and his love of gospel music.
    Elvis truly was one of a kind…a mega-star who would think nothing of spending time with a fan in the hot Memphis night rather than get into an air-conditioned car to avoid being uncomfortable (there were about 7 cars in Elvis’ entourage).

    I was always a huge fan of Elvis but meeting him and speaking with him confirmed why he was so loved as a peraon as well as a star.

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