Photo of the Day: Citrus

I used to work in Chelsea Market. On the first floor is the market itself, an enclosed warren of shops and food and produce and sushi and any other food you would want to get. I worked in an office upstairs, which meant that I had to deal with Chelsea Market on a daily basis. It sounds like it would be great, and it was, but the novelty wore off quick. The place is always jam-packed. I ended up bringing my lunch, and pushing my way through the THRONGS so I could eat outside at a little park across the street. Too many people ALL THE TIME. I also worked at 30 Rock. That was even worse. But Chelsea Market did have its charms, especially early in the morning. I’d get to work at 9, and at that point, the market was pretty much empty. And it’s dark-ish in the market – with dark floors, dark walls, so it has a nice atmosphere. And for whatever reason, this window of citrus glowed … it looked like more than it was. It’s not just a pile of oranges and grapefruits. It’s something else.

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