“Was it a millionaire who said, ‘Imagine no possessions’?” — Elvis Costello

It’s his birthday today.

Yes. It was a millionaire who spouted that ridiculous line. And I love that millionaire, don’t get me wrong, but that song …

I saw Elvis Costello in concert three times. I was HEAVY into him for a good five or six years. I’ve kind of fallen off, I’m not sure what happened, but my affection for him lingers, not so much because of the present but because of nostalgia for those years when his music meant so much to me. My boyfriend and I were obsessed. We discussed his music, we listened to Spike and King of America over and over again.

My brother wrote two pieces about him, which I’ll re-post:

The first is a review – plus a memoir-type essay – of King of America, which my brother put on his 50 Best Albums list.

The second is the description of going to see Elvis in concert, with my boyfriend, the one I just mentioned above. It’s a funny story, but a profound one too. “I Want You” – mentioned in the piece – is such a great insight – both lyrics and sound – into the mindset of a terrifying psychopath stalker. The Beatles have a couple too. Uhm, “Run For Your Life”? You listen to “I Want You” and you definitely should “run for your life”.

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