“We just always did what we fucking wanted to.” — Kevin Seconds

“We had all types coming to our early gigs – new wavers, stoners, Rocky Horror Picture Show kids, bored and rowdy native kids who lived in the nearby Indian reservation and colony. We always kind of related to a mixed bag of people.” — Kevin Seconds

It’s Kevin Seconds’ birthday. Front man of 7 Seconds, the influential punk band from Reno, part of the “straight edge” sub-genre of punk – for their so-called idealistic and positive messaging. The band featured two brothers (Kevin and Steve), a passionate fan base, and a hefty nonstop touring schedule that lasted for three decades.

They were off and on as a band, as Life happened to all of them, and they announced about 5 years ago that 7 Seconds was no more. But I just checked Kevin Seconds’ Twitter feed and lo and behold he announced that they were up and running again and going on tour. I also came across a really interesting interview with Kevin Seconds, where he reflects on the last 30 years, and what the experience of 7 Seconds was like.

As I periodically like to do, I’m resurrecting a piece my brother Brendan wrote on his old blog, which I rescued (as I did all of his music writing). Brendan was a massive 7 Seconds fan and he wrote about seeing them live at The Living Room in Providence. The essay has a killer last line. (Bren is very good at last lines, which is not a small skill!)

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