“Morpheus comes into our dreams…and we woke up and started this band…we’re all wrapped up in these dream messages, and we were compelled to start this band.” — Mark Sandman, lead singer of Morphine

It’s almost too perfect that the man who spoke those words in the title of this post is named SANDMAN.

I was never on the Morphine train, although I had one of their albums, and they were ubiquitous in the East Coast Boston-originated college-radio world in which I grew up. You couldn’t escape Morphine! My brother Brendan, though, has a LOT to say about them, which I included here when I was posting his music writing every Monday. I miss those days! I love his writing so much. If you missed some of it, you can scroll through that archive. It’s so rich and diverse. I decided to “resurrect” as much of it as I could – tied to Birthdays (of course. My Blog has become a celebrity birthday calendar. I didn’t design it that way. At this point, though, the blog basically runs itself! And there really is enough stuff here, already written, to fill up an entire year. That’s how long I’ve been doing this shit.)

So. In honor of Mark Sandman’s birthday today, here is Brendan’s essay on Morphine:

Onomatopeia: More Morphine, Please

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