Review: The Loneliest Boy in the World (2022)

If you’re getting confused about the logic in a zombie movie, then there’s probably something wrong. Granted, maybe there’s something wrong with me. But maybe it’s the movie, you feel me? I reviewed The Loneliest Boy in the World for Ebert.

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2 Responses to Review: The Loneliest Boy in the World (2022)

  1. Shawn says:

    I love your review. I can sense the same frustration I have with a lot of films I find to be unnecessary. The way you question the film’s lack of logic reminds me of Ebert’s writing. And your voice is my favorite by far on the site. I can usually tell if I am interested in a film regardless if I agree or not.

    Btw, I’m not seeking any pat on the back, but I wanted you to know that I wrote to Diane Feinstein, and donated money to Amnesty International’s fund for the protesters in Iraq, partly influenced by your posting on Jafar Panahi. Thank you for that!

    • sheila says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words on my writing!

      and hopefully you donated money to the protesters in Iran, not Iraq, lol, although I’m sure people in Iraq need help as well. :)

      I’m glad my words spurred action. It’s been really disheartening to see the way this story is being covered. Or not covered.

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