“Rock n’ roll! It’s the music of puberty.” — Suzi Quatro

Suzy Quatro was born on this day.

In July of 2020 , I reviewed the documentary Suzi Q, about Suzi Quatro. Because it was July 2020, the tour she had planned, alongside the doc, had to be canceled. Or, at least, postponed. July 2020 was some serious shit. I was bummed because I was so turned on by the documentary I would have sought her out to see her. Her journey is an interesting one: she knew what she wanted when she was very young. She was already touring as a teenager. She didn’t get caught up in anything bad, drugs or men or exploitation: something in her was strong enough to resist all those temptations. She got married young. Had a baby young. Was a rock star (at least in Europe) young. Her fame in Australia, to this day, almost rivals the Beatles. Ask an Australian. When she toured there in the 70s, she was greeted by screaming throngs at the airport, she was transported via motorcade to the venue, with throngs lining the roadways. She was massive in Europe. #1 hits, songs she wrote. She is mainly known in America for one shmoopy duet-ballad, the only song that charted over here – a total departure from her normal aggressive sound – as well as her regular appearance on Happy Days as Leather Tuscadero. America just didn’t fuck with her at all. 10 years later, Joan Jett came along, and we embraced Joan Jett, maybe not realizing that someone else did it all FIRST.

Debbie Harry, Suzi Quatro, Joan Jett

Joan Jett took everything from Suzi Quatro, which she fully admits in the interview she gives in the documentary. She had a poster of Suzi Quatro on her wall as a teenager. She was so inspired by this tiny girl playing a huge bass. Suzi Quatro paved the way for Joan Jett and so many others. Understand the continuum, and respect your elders. Or at least KNOW ABOUT your elders, because they got there first, and they made possible the things that came along after.

Just tripped over this and I love it: Quatro discusses her favorite bass riffs.

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