Tribeca Film Festival 2011: Family First: The Good Life, Donor Unknown and Gone

At Capital New York I take a look at three very different documentaries, all having to do with family, now playing at the Tribeca Film Festival. They are: The Good Life, directed by Danish filmmaker Eva Mulvad, Donor Unknown, directed by British filmmaker Jerry Rothwell, and Gone, directed by American husband and wife team Gretchen and John Morning.

The Good Life

Donor Unknown


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5 Responses to Tribeca Film Festival 2011: Family First: The Good Life, Donor Unknown and Gone

  1. Doc Horton says:

    I sure am enjoying all of your reviews.

  2. sheila says:

    Doc Horton – thanks for reading! I’ve been a busy bee, obviously. More to come!

  3. debra t. says:

    My son is going to meet his 1/2 donor sister next month. They have the same eyes. Thanks for the review. I did not see The Kids Are Allright. I just didn’t want to see lesbians sleep with men. I will check out this documentary.

  4. sheila says:

    Debra – wow, how cool to hear from someone who has gone through this! I love the kids in the movie, too – they are all polite, respectful, intelligent people who handle this new information with aplomb and curiosity. Would be interested to hear your take on it! Thanks for reading!

  5. sheila says:

    And although I liked a lot of The Kids Are All Right (especially Bening – which I have covered at length in other pieces – great performance from her) – I never bought that plot point. Not that I don’t think a lesbian could sleep with a man – i just didn’t buy how it was handled.

    Regardless! Good luck to your son and his half-sister – how exciting!

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