Melancholia, Tree of Life, Cold Weather and Elvis

My final essay is now up.

I will miss the SLIFR Tree House! A couple more posts from the others still to come. You can see the whole compilation of links here.

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3 Responses to Melancholia, Tree of Life, Cold Weather and Elvis

  1. Doc Horton says:

    Enjoyed everybody’s Tree House posts. On a side note, I’ll be watching ‘Blue Hawaii’ tonight to gain some extra credit for the 3 unit Elvis course you’re teaching. Please make the final multiple choice. I’m lousy at essays.

  2. sheila says:

    hahahaha I love Blue Hawaii. Please take special notice of his abandon during the ridiculous dance during Slicing Sand in his tight white trunks. It’s all so dumb and so entertaining and he sells it! I also enjoy when he spanks the cranky young teenage girl.

    He’s very good in it!

  3. Doc Horton says:

    Yes, entertaining for sure. And dumb. Great scenery, plenty of music, and Elvis being naturally good. Wish he’d made it to his own ‘From Here to Eternity’ role.

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