Movie Marathon on Block Island

While I had tons of time to read, and walk, and have visitors, and write, and dream, I also had an orgy of movie-watching out on the Island. I brought some movies with me, but for the most part, I kept my TV on TCM the entire time and went wild, seeing whatever was on.

Some I took notes on, others I didn’t. Here is the list of total movies seen in the month of January, with notes when applicable. Oh, and my “mirror” notes are part of that damn post I’ve been percolating over for literally years: men looking at themselves in the mirror in film. Basically, my theory is now bust (that men looking at themselves in the mirror in every other movie began in the 70s mostly)- I love that my original theory is now bust – it puts the post (in my head) in a whole new and exciting direction. And it actually ends up proving my original point.

Darjeeling Limited

Period of Adjustment

Two Weeks in Another Town

All Fall Down

Young Lovers

The Informer – NY Film Critics Best Picture of the Year, 1935
— shot in one month
— “nauseating, beastly” – Catholic Legion of Decency (focused on the scenes in the brothel) – “an insult to Celtic women”

Play Girl
— effed-up pre-Code

Life Begins
— maternity ward
“What’s it for?”
“I’m not supposed to tell you but the doctor wouldn’t order it if you didn’t need it”

Heroes For Sale – Richard Barthelmess
— great!

She Had to Say Yes

Key to the City
— Clark Gable, Loretta Young

The Scarlet Empress
— awesome Marlene Dietrich

Finishing School

Registered Nurse

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Fear Strikes Out
— Red Sox!! Jimmy Pearsall
— great, moving, ahead of its time, portrayal of mental illness
— Karl Malden, Anthony Perkins

Tender Mercies
— Haunting. I’ve seen it a bunch but this last time I was really struck by how effective Tess Harper is in that part. Not an easy part. She inhabits it like she was born to play it.

Two Girls and a Sailor

The Great Debaters

The Double Life of Veronique

A Place in the Sun

Play Girl
— Kay Francis

Searching for Bobby Fischer

The Feminine Touch
— Drunk man on phone to operator: “Hello? Yes, I’d like Sydney Australia … No one in particular, just Sydney, Australia.”

Comrade X
— Love!!
— “co-pilot, co-co pilot and co-co-co pilot.” “Stop stuttering.”
— “Comrade, I am obeying you blindly.”

Night Must Fall
— Mirror moment!!

Rage in Heaven
— Robert Montgomery, George Sanders, Ingrid Bergman
— great

A Woman’s Face
— fave of mine

Cast a Dark Shadow
— Dirk Bogarde


The Band Wagon

The Fountainhead

The Subject Was Roses

In a Lonely Place

Funny People

— Joan Crawford
— holy crap

The Whole Town’s Talking
— Edward G. Robinson
— Mirror moment!!

The Long Night
— Mirror!!

5th Avenue Girl
— adore this movie

The Wedding Night
— sad. Touching

Philadelphia Story
— CK Dexter Haven is a deceptively simple part. It’s actually quite difficult to get it right – without coming off as awful or condescending. Grant nails it.

Johnny Guitar
— brill

The Adventures of Mark Twain
— Fredric March is killing me

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  1. phil says:

    A Woman’s Face is fascinating. The old Swedish version with Ingrid Bergman. You can see the budding of the brilliance she’d become.

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