A Dangerous Combination:

1. My love for playing “dress-up” – which I did not discard when I reached a certain age. Obviously.

2. The camera on my Mac – and even more than that: the special effects that you can put on the photos you take.

I’ve gone a bit insane. I had an hour free yesterday before I was going to meet Flynn – and the wind whipped against my window – and I played music – and fiddled around with the camera … and before you know it, I started pulling out costumes and items and characters began to be born … and all hell broke loose.

I rarely post photos of myself – but I am now going to do so. At the risk of being annoying. I justify this by saying that these are not REALLY of myself. These are … people who sprang to life yesterday afternoon.

They are:

1. Cat Lady
2. The Pleading Woman
3. Wings of the Dove Lady
4. Warp-Speed Red Lips
5. Peter Gatien’s Bitter Protegé
6. Harassed Mentally Unbalanced Wife of a Red Sox Shortstop

I had so much fun. I almost called Flynn and re-scheduled because I just wanted to keep going.

Characters below!

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11 Responses to A Dangerous Combination:

  1. Erik says:

    I’m commenting here because I love ALL of the characters. If I had to pick a favorite, I might say Warp-Speed Red Lips, just because W-SRL is so weird. And I really feel for HMUWoaRSS.

  2. Mark says:

    You are delightfully nuts.

  3. Mr. Lion says:

    Depressed cat lady rocks.

    And yes, you are nuts. But in a good way.

  4. Cullen says:

    Those were all fantastic. I particularly appreciated Alexa. The look … just amazing. Perhaps she wears the eye patch to preserve her night vision?

  5. red says:

    I am totally insane! If anyone would have peeked in my window they would have seen me shouting things like, “BACK OFF” at my computer. That was when I was being poor Nancy, the Red Sox wife.

    hahaha The only reason I didn’t create MORE characters (because I have so many hats and glasses and props lying around!) is because I had an appointment and I had to leave.


  6. red says:

    Cullen – Maybe for night vision? I think it’s really just her intense wish to be the “reincarnation” of Peter Gatien, circa 1987.

    She has weird goals, I’ll give her that.

  7. Cullen says:

    Last week, Mythbusters had a Pirate special. One of the pirate-based myths was that pirates wore an eyepatch not to cover a lost eye, but to keep one eye night vision ready. An amazingly plausible myth, as their testing proved.

    I’ve just been caught up on the concept since viewing the episode and seeing your character brought it to mind.

    But she’d probably threaten me with a knife if I told her that.

  8. red says:

    Cullen – wow, that’s a cool myth. Love it!

    I think if you offered Alexa coke – it wouldn’t matter WHAT you said to her.

  9. red says:

    Erik – hahahaha I love your acronym … It kinda looks like “Humorous” … or “Humor ASS” which also would be appropriate. Poor nancy.

  10. Carl V. says:

    Those are all waaaayyyy fun!

  11. Ken says:

    What is really remarkable about the series–apart from its high quality–is the fact that you did it all in an hour. There are probably a reasonable number of people who could have done one or two of these creditably, but not many could have done even one or two in an hour, and I can’t think offhand of anyone else who could have done six.