Her eyes follow me around

Some background. Back in December, somehow a conversation started up in a comments thread about Hope, and the idea came up that someone should turn one of my photos of Hope into the famous Obama poster with the word “HOPE” under it. The most humorous thing is that Mark, who hadn’t been involved in that particular thread, suddenly showed up saying, “Sorry I’m late …” knowing that it was HE we had been waiting for.

In a matter of moments, the deed was done. Much hilarity ensued and Mark received no less than three proposals of marriage, based on his sheer awesomeness.

It was one of my favorite moments ever in the history of my blog. Look at that image!!

So then a couple weeks later I go home for Christmas. It was the day after Christmas, and Siobhan came up to me with a package – another gift? – and said, with the weirdest look on her face, “This is for you.”

“Wha ..? Huh?”

I was more confused by her expression than anything else. It was obvious she was just the messenger. I opened the thing and saw that there was a card from a “Dave E.” Now I know a “Dave E.” – he and I have been blog-buddies for, oh, five years now? Something insane like that. Awesome guy. But … but … this package was sent to my PARENTS’ house. He wouldn’t know that address. Or anything like that. So … how would he have known where to send it? Also, what the hell? I was VERY confused and thought: “no … it must be some other Dave E …” I was discombobulated, also discombobulated because Siobhan was basically hovering over me, watching my reaction.

It was a cardboard roll, like you use for posters – and there was something inside it, a roll of … fabric? I pulled it out … and dudes. It was a giant BANNER of the Hope image that Mark had created. I started laughing and CRYING at the same time … what? How had this happened?

Siobhan was the accomplice. From what I gather, Dave E. got the idea to make a banner for me. He somehow contacted Mark (they don’t know each other outside of my blog, as far as I know – but through emails or whatever, he contacted Mark for the jpeg) … then he took the bold move to track down my sister’s email address, and tell her his plan … that he wanted to send me a surprise gift, and could she possibly send the address??

Poor Siobhan got an email from this random guy and for a second she was like, “Who the hell is this? What does he want?” But I imagine he (because he is so nice) was able to explain himself in a way that DIDN’T sound creepy and bizarre (you know, not like, “I got a gift for your big sister. Gimme your parents address. Thanks. Love, The Unabomber”) … but friendly and funny. So Siobhan complied – and the thing arrived on Christmas Eve, I think.

The amount of work that that took … Dave contacting Mark, Mark responding – then Dave contacting Siobhan – and creating the banner – everything … truly is one of the nicest gifts I have ever received, and couldn’t have come at a better moment.

I was beyond touched … especially because I have not met Dave and I have not met Mark (although that seems like a technicality at this point) … but they went out of their way to send me this thing they had created, and seriously, it meant the world to me. You guys are the best.


The era of Hope has begun. After all, she’s on my wall.

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18 Responses to Her eyes follow me around

  1. amelie says:

    but i thought mitchell was the unabomber [so the message would no longer be bizarre and creepy]!

    i LOVE that banner, and what it means to you.

  2. red says:

    Let’s pretend it’s the REAL Unabomber sending a message asking for your address. That would NOT be a comforting moment.

  3. red says:


    That is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

  4. Dave E. says:

    All right, you found a spot for it!

    Yes, I was a little nervous about what reaction I would get from Siobhan, or if I would get any at all. She was very cool about it though(thanks, Siobhan) and she and Mark turned out to be excellent co-conspirators.

    I kind of sensed you could use a little something extra from Santa this year, that and it was a thank you for all of the great posts over the years(six maybe?). Your writing here compels me to dig into and think about some topics that I am not naturally inclined to explore, so thanks for that. I don’t always comment, but you can be certain that I appreciate every post.

  5. Dave E. says:

    And thanks for all of the kind words. I sort of needed a pick me up today and that did it.

  6. red says:

    Maybe it has been six years. Good God, are we geeks or what??

    I have to get a better hook for it – as you can see the top part is flapping down a bit – but it’s hysterical, and I LOVE IT. I hung it up, then went and cleaned my kitchen, came back into the other room and it actually startled me. Like – WHAT IS THAT.

    Oh. It’s just Hope Obama. Carry on.

    Best gift ever and thank you for your ingenuity in getting it to me!

  7. red says:

    It’s great how that works out, ain’t it?

  8. Kate P says:

    I had no idea of the enormity of HOPE until I saw the photo–that is just amazing. It’s awesome when the blogsphere creates something like that. :)

  9. Ken says:

    Made of awesome.

  10. just1beth says:

    I think Barack needs to see this. Something inside tells me that he would LOVE this- seeing as he is all kinds of addicted to his blackberry, and modern technology, etc. He of all people would appreciate what the blog has brought forth.

  11. red says:

    Beth – ha! I love, too, how the first photo I suggested to be Obama-ized was cool, but Mark did a bit of a search on my Flickr page and found the current image, which is much more presidential, don’t you think?? I just love how he was like, “Hmmm. Need to find another image of Hope. We can do better.”

    I love people!!

  12. red says:

    You’ll see it when you come down – maybe this summer?? Hopefully I’ll be in a new apartment by then.

  13. Rob says:

    Cool beans. What a nice thing to do. Great job, Dave, Siobhan, Mark. Don’t let us down, Hope. :)

  14. Kerry says:

    Oh my God that is awesome.

  15. Cara says:

    Oh My God.

    Sometimes, the awesomeness is too big.

  16. red says:

    Cara – isn’t it??

  17. A says:

    What a splendid thing to do!

    I can’t wait for her latest book:

    The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the Feline Dream.

  18. Mark says:

    I feel like Shepard Fairey.

    Big props to Dave who did all the legwork; all I did was email him the file.

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