The ferry ride back

It was a sunny cold day. There were way more passengers on the boat during my ferry ride back to the mainland, and certainly more cars, maybe 10, 15 cars, which made the whole “back your car up onto the ferry” MUCH more stressful, since you had to line up perfectly, going in reverse, following the directions of the ferry workers. There was a moment, I have to be honest, when I almost caved, and asked for help (the ferry guys are great, they would totally back your car up for you if you can’t manage it) – but I gutted it out, and did what I had to do, lining myself up in the precise geometrically-determined-mathematically-required-algebraically-requested formation. Left Hope there to her despair, and went upstairs. Got a cup of coffee, you know, the usual. The ferry was packed. It was hard for me to find a seat, actually.

I decided to NOT sit for the journey back, and wander around the ship. There is a top deck, which in the summer is PACKED with tourists, it’s a great view. And then there are open passageways around the rest of the boat, where you can stand and look out at the ocean, the mainland approaching, etc. It’s really cold out there, this time of year, because of the frigid wind. That ferry goes fast, man. It’s not a leisurely ride. It GOES, so the wind was a blast of frozen air.

It sure was beautiful there, up on that top deck. I was (naturally) the only person up there. And it was a bit freaky at times, I let my mind go off into horrible scenarios – If I get blown overboard while I’m up here, who the hell will know? There really is nothing to stop you from just leaping overboard, should you want to do that. But the views were amazing – and now that I had spent a month out on Block Island, and knew the island, I could see “my” spots from that top deck – the little dip on the cliff in the north-east corner, where Mum and I found that little spot we liked – the North Light, naturally – all of those places that I had come to know and love – so it was very cool to look at them from high up on a boat that is racing away from the island.

Busy day on the ferry.


Good to know.


Teenage Island girl, on the ferry, with her laptop.


The channel marker. Up close and personal. Quite a change from its lonely brave stance on the storm day, right? Compare and contrast:

Channel marker up close, as the ferry goes by it.


Channel marker on the day of the big storm.


Out on one of the semi-open passageways during the journey.


Cute little girl, occupying herself with activities, while her mother lay on her back on the booth seat, and tried to catch a nap.


The cliffs. Mum and I walked along the top of those cliffs.


The North Light. Bye bye beautiful North Light!!


On the top deck of the boat, looking towards the stern.


What it looks like from up there.


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2 Responses to The ferry ride back

  1. jackie says:

    I love that ferry. I’ve loved it since I was little. Paige married a guy whose family runs the ferry service. They are named after his aunts and family. When we went to her wedding (everyone puked on the way in their wedding clothes!) we were on the high speed ferry that saved the US Air passengers out of the Hudson. Did you get to ride that one? There is a big picture next to the concessions of the airplane and Cpt. Sully. It’s kind of thrilling. Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

  2. red says:

    Jackie – I guess I forgot that about Paige! That is so funny about all the wedding guests puking. hahaha

    I actually have never been on the high-speed ferry although I’ve seen it from the deck at the Ocean Mist and you can’t believe how fast it goes – like it’s a motorboat but of that size??

    Miss you so much!

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