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Mel Brooks on Meeting Cary Grant: “Anyway, lemme tell ya the PUNCHLINE.”

For Mel Brooks’ birthday. Superb. As Mitchell said in our conversation about Burt Reynolds, I love people who know how “to be funny on the couch”. Those who come out to promote themselves, sure, that’s fine. But someone who comes … Continue reading

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“I said, ‘Hi, Cary Grant! You look good, Cary Grant! Are you really Cary Grant??'”

Because I never get sick of watching this.

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Movie Poster: Young Frankenstein

J’adore (one).

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The Books: “Kiss Me Like A Stranger: My Search for Love and Art” (Gene Wilder)

Daily Book Excerpt: Entertainment Biography/Memoir: Kiss Me Like A Stranger: My Search for Love and Art, by Gene Wilder There’s a magic about Gene Wilder. It is hard to describe or pin down, and maybe that’s the biggest part of … Continue reading

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Mel Brooks Meeting Cary Grant

Clip of Mel Brooks telling the story to Johnny Carson: Brilliant. So so funny Thanks for finding such an awesome clip, Shamus! I love it!!! Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mel Brooks

Gene Wilder told this story when he came to my school. Gene Wilder, a young actor, was in some show on Broadway, kind of a big break. Forgive me, can’t remember what it was. One night, after the show, a … Continue reading

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R.I.P., Anne Bancroft

I knew Alex would come through. Here is Alex’s tribute to Bancroft’s long and astonishing career. Here is a list of Bancroft trivia. And here are some Anne Bancroft quotables. My favorite? “When Mel told his Jewish mother he was … Continue reading

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