2007 Rookie of the Year!!


Dustin Pedroia! So psyched! He’s “Little Buddy” to the O’Malley family – and of course the joke about him being 11 years old surrounded by big tall strapping adults is not originated by us. You know. The joke is kind of universal. I also love how his teammates joked about his short-ness from the beginning (photo below jump). But all of that aside: Little Buddy has very quickly become beloved by the fans in Boston (check out Beth’s retrospect of quotes about him) – and finding out that he was playing for 2 months with a broken bone in his left hand just intensifies the love for him. Also – it’s ridiculous, we joke (with love) about him eating Twizzlers and playing with his X-box in the locker room as all the other big burly players drink whiskey and smoke cigars … meanwhile, he’s toughing it out and kicking some ass and winning Rookie of the Year. It’s awesome!!



Congrats, Little Buddy!!

Photos from boston.com

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6 Responses to 2007 Rookie of the Year!!

  1. Noonz says:

    In many ways, I think I’d rather have your team’s ROY than my team’s no-ring-having MVP…

  2. Jean o'malley says:

    Thanks Sheil! I just love this guy so much. what a player! “Hey, guys, after I finish my homework, can you come over to play?” Go l’il buddy!

  3. Brendan says:

    Just think…if he hadn’t been taking steroids, he’d be Billy Barty.

  4. red says:

    Noonz – it sure has been an interesting season, hasn’t it? Did you see Papelbon on Letterman? It was hysterical, first of all – the guy is totally endearing, just a big dumb funny jock (also referring to David Ortiz as “the Bedazzler” is just high comedy!) – but I loved his comments about rodriguez. Coming from a pitching standpoint … I just loved that outlook. “I’d love it if he came to Boston … because then I wouldn’t have to pitch to him!”

    Reading the sports pages in the New York papers in the last 2 weeks has been like reading dispatches from a war zone, or negotiations of some important international committee. I love it.

    I’m already like: is it baseball season yet????

  5. red says:

    Jean – I still love your text to Siobhan from the game you went to:

    “Lil Buddy is suuuuuuuuuuuper little!”

  6. Noonz says:

    I didn’t see the Papelbon thing on Letterman. I’m gonna have to find it on YouTube.

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