Glowing Poisonous Milk: Two Scenes

Suspicious-acting and potentially-evil husband carries a potentially-poisoned glass of milk upstairs to his unsuspecting wife. Little light put in glass of milk to make it glow in eerie fashion.

1. Cary Grant in Suspicion, Alfred Hitchcock (1941)

2. Bruce Campbell in “Terms of Endearment,” an episode in The X-Files (1999)

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4 Responses to Glowing Poisonous Milk: Two Scenes

  1. Carolyn Clarke says:

    At least they copy from the best.

  2. Melissa Sutherland says:

    Loved this and never gave a thought to how clever they were to light it.

    • sheila says:

      I know!! Cary Grant’s glowing glass of milk is sooo creepy. I was going to re-watch that last night but it got too late. Maybe today – I have a hankering for it.

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