Driving to Vegas To See Liza Minnelli

Here’s part 1 of Alex’s side of the tale.

I just need to say that Alex TOTALLY was Rainman – that is an accurate assessment – and became more and more Rainman-esque as the show approached.

“Alex, should we go into that store?”
“Liza. Liza. Liza. Liza.”
“Maybe we should park the car first and then check in?”
“Alex, what is the meaning of life?”

Even Alex’s eyes went a little bit dead. Every bit of her consciousness flowed into the upcoming experience.

“I’m thinking of trying the rigatoni. What are you gonna have, Alex?”
“liza liza liza liza…”

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2 Responses to Driving to Vegas To See Liza Minnelli

  1. Emily says:

    Hahahaha. I love that you guys went to this show and had such a great time!

  2. miker says:

    I can’t possibly understand the Liza thing, but I can admire the passion involved. Glad you had a great time…

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