Time Machine podcast with special guest

I saw this podcast linked to on Facebook mainly because a couple of people I know have been “guests” on it. Including him. The premise of the podcast is the two hosts discuss a real-world event – the Dust Bowl, Apollo 11, the assassination of Lincoln, etc. and then there’s a “machine” making Jetson-type noises that takes you back to those events and see what was really going on. There’s a small cast of actors/improvisers “acting out” the Last Supper, etc. It’s extremely amusing because the people involved are all fantastic improvisers. Like, all the disciples suddenly start bitching about how much time they spend washing people’s feet and you can hear one guy say, “I’ve got carpal tunnel!” These are not scripted. It’s improvised. It’s funny, it’s ridiculous, and it’s very much my kind of humor. So here’s the Last Supper episode, with a special guest – a “former theologian” named Ephraim Zumpf – who joins the host to discuss the Last Supper and other things. The “former theologian” is Window Boy, old timers will know, and I’m sorry but I was listening and laughing at every single thing he said. “I don’t know. Somewhere over there.” “There’s no way that they spoke English.” “This is bullshit.” “Sparkling water?” It’s not that he’s being funny on purpose – NEVER – he just commits to the ‘bit’. It was good to hear his voice! I have no idea who the actors are playing Jesus, Judas, and the rest, but I love them. This has been a crushingly busy month and I’m pretty stressed out and I just tripped over this whimsical bit of comedy – no larger commentary, no trying to be serious or “timely” – no POINT at all – just a bunch of improv people pretending they’re eating dust in 1930s Oklahoma or ordering another round of falafels at the Last Supper.

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