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Werner Herzog interrupted

Wow: A not-to-be-missed two-part recap from Jim Emerson of the recent Conference on World Affairs screening of Werner Herzog’s mad brilliant Aguirre, The Wrath of God. It was “Cinema Interruptus” – a screening where anyone in the audience could call … Continue reading

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Quotes From Jen, While Watching Grizzly Man Last Night

“Dude, it’s SHIT. It’s not ‘number two’. Who is your audience here? Channel 13? It’s SHIT. The bear ‘goes to the bathroom‘? No – the bear takes a shit. What the hell is his problem?” “That woman … I hate … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert to Werner Herzog

This made me cry.

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Professor Irwin Corey’s Latest Movie Quiz!

Presenting: his FOREMOSTLY AUTHORITATIVE SPRING BREAK MOVIE QUIZ . I eagerly await these quizzes – they’re always so terrific (and occasionally hard, too!) (Go check out Dennis’ site to see the answers from his commenters – a smart group of … Continue reading

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Timothy Treadwell: “Nature wants to eat you.”

Sars describes her response to Grizzly Man. Not to be missed. One excerpt – but go read the whole thing – it made me want to see the movie again: And then you’ve got Timothy Treadwell, giving the bears cutesy … Continue reading

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Grizzly Man Continued

The theme of the past week has been Grizzly Man. Check out Chai-rista’s review … she has a very interesting psychological theory with what was going on with Treadwell. It has to do with aging. I think she’s onto something.

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Things experienced so far in LA – part 13

— Bren says he will be over by 9, probably – so Alex and I pop in one of the other movies she’s rented. It is the 2003 TV movie Soldier’s Girl which won a shitload of Golden Globes and … Continue reading

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