Photo of the day: The monolith of 33 Thomas Street

This faceless windowless Brutalist monolith LOOMS over Church Street, and if you didn’t look up, you might not perceive that there is something very very strange about this building. In fact, if you were daydreaming, or not focusing, or thinking about something else, the building may not strike you at all. But once you look at it – REALLY look at it – you have to stop in the middle of the sidewalk, stare at it, and say, perhaps outloud, “What the fuck is going on with THAT.”

It has an interesting history, and it’s known as the “Long Lines building” from its time as part AT&T Long Lines department but because of its look – and perhaps BECAUSE of that history – rumors and myths and legends have proliferated around this building. Documentaries have been made about the building as a potential NSA surveillance hub. The building was featured in an episode of The X-Files.

I was down in that area of town one night, and snapped a couple of pics. It’s such a strange place. Like … ANYTHING could be going on in there and who would ever know?

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2 Responses to Photo of the day: The monolith of 33 Thomas Street

  1. Emily says:

    Adding to the beauty of how haunting these pictures are, at first glance I thought that lamp post on the left of the second photo was a black cat with glowing eyes. Yes, I need more coffee.

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