#tbt Gen-X avatars

These pictures just emerged from the deep, shared by Mitchell. I have never seen them before. It’s such a time capsule. 1990s, obviously, I mean, look at our clothes, the flannel, etc. I still dress like this, so nothing has changed, but still. I actually remember this day. David and Maria (girlfriend/boyfriend, now husband and wife), Mitchell, Jackie and I – we all graduated from the same college before migrating to Chicago within a couple months of each other – wandered around the city. We went to the zoo. We then walked over to the Lincoln Park area where there was a Tower Records with a coffee shop we all loved on the lower floor. We horsed around. We got coffee. We went to the monkey house. We were together. Nobody had kids yet. We all were free, and we all had known each other since we were 18. It’s magical that we had this time together, that we were all there together. Also that we are all still close. Our friendships – already strong – solidified into something even more profound. We are so lucky.

We look like we are a grunge band emerging from the Pacific Northwest, and these are the potential album covers, or maybe just images scattered through the liner notes. We look like we are making Singles, part 2. 1990s, baby. It’s my era.

I am wearing Window-Boy‘s bandana, because I clearly had rolled out of his bed to go meet my friends at the zoo. I maybe shoved it on my head on the way out because I didn’t have time to shower. I don’t know. It was a LOOK at that time, and I dug the look, I ran all my 5ks wearing his blue bandana. I had my own bandana, or a couple of them, different colors – but I liked wearing his because … it was his. It had “his” smell on it. Not a bad smell just HIS smell. This is all well and good but current-day me wants to rip that bandana off my younger self’s head. Set your red locks FREE.

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