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Trapped: La Cabina and After Hours

This lies outside the scope of my essay on After Hours, although I wondered if I could somehow include it. Not meant to be. When I interviewed Michael Koresky about his book Films of Endearment, during our conversation he mentioned … Continue reading

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Coach Beard and After Hours

I remember when this episode – “Beard After Hours” – aired and there was a lot of confusion about it. Some critics clocked the reference to After Hours (and well they should, especially if they’re paid the big bucks), but … Continue reading

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The phone dominates: Marnie and After Hours

Here’s the shot in Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie which I reference in my Criterion essay on Martin Scorsese’s After Hours. There’s also a moment where Paul (Griffin Dunne) is running down the street holding a crumpled note in his hand. Scorsese … Continue reading

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Martin Scorsese’s After Hours (released today on Criterion)

My booklet essay on After Hours, is up on Criterion’s site. Criterion’s release is now available for purchase.

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After Hours: available for pre-order today

Proper release date is July 11! Very excited to see it all put together (including my essay).

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Substack: Writing roundup

A freebie for all subscribers: Roundup of my writing over the last couple of months, plus some thoughts on Viva Las Vegas, After Hours, Ebertfest, my time in Chicago … everything I’ve been doing. Thanks for reading!

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It’s been a while. March and April were a whirlwind. February too. — I worked on this. It was a challenging one, and a little different for me. I loved the challenge. — Michael messaged me (you know. Michael. This … Continue reading

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Criterion July releases announced: After Hours

I can finally talk about what has been taking up all my time in February/March/start of April. I wrote the booklet essay for the VERY EXCITING Criterion release of Martin Scorsese’s existential-angst-comedy-parody After Hours, in a brand new 4k digital … Continue reading

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