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Substack: Folie à deux

Over on my Substack: riffing on one of my favorite subjects: the Folie à deux, in film, plays, books, and of course in life. Culminating in a discussion of Joël Séria’s controversial 1971 film Mais ne Nous Délivrez Pas du … Continue reading

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#TBT Toil and trouble, you got that right!

Sometimes, as an actor, you can’t help it, you’re cast in a stinker. And there’s nothing you can do about it but make the best of it. Sometimes the best friendships are made from being trapped in a terrible project … Continue reading

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Interpreting Lady Macbeth: Sarah Siddons vs. Ellen Terry

For Shakespeare’s Birthday Ellen Terry Sarah Siddons Michael Holroyd’s A Strange Eventful History: The Dramatic Lives of Ellen Terry, Henry Irving, and Their Remarkable Families tells the story of 19th century theatre-manager Henry Irving, and his lead actress Ellen Terry. … Continue reading

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#TBT Of course a witch would be reading this book

Me backstage during a production of Macbeth, in which I played one of the witches, reading William Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, before it was time to put on my costume.

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Iron Ladies, Hollywood-Style

This article originally appeared on Capital New York. It’s still up there, although it’s now part of Politico, and so I have reprinted the piece here, because I fear all of the dead links in my future. In lieu of … Continue reading

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The Books: On Directing, by Harold Clurman

It is time to say goodbye to the Biography shelf. I still have many self-described genres to get through. I decided to move on to my messy well-thumbed shelf of Acting/Theatre books. Books on the history of acting, history of … Continue reading

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Scanning Wednesday

I have written ad nauseum about the half-hour Macbeth I was in. I have detailed the journey of the five witches (YES. FIVE. The play was much shorter but there was enough room for FIVE witches) and how we were … Continue reading

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This is from when I went out to Brooklyn to BAM to see Patrick Stewart in Macbeth. The night was very windy, as I recall – and there were these giant floodlights that made the sides of buildings look eerie, … Continue reading

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Patrick Stewart as Macbeth

I saw Patrick Stewart do Macbeth tonight, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It was a lovely evening. It’s freezing today and I trekked out there, and emerged into the utter chaos of Atlantic and Flatbush. A couple was having … Continue reading

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“I have supp’d full with horrors; Direness, familiar to my slaughterous thoughts Cannot once start me.”

A wonderful article about Patrick Stewart, who is coming to New York in February and March – in a production of Macbeth which ran to sold-out houses last year on the West End (Kate – was this the production where … Continue reading

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